Dental Treatment Fees

Cosmetic Dentistry and Whitening
Whitening consultation                      Free
Home whiteningfrom £450
Enlighten whiteningfrom £650
In Clinic whiteningfrom £690
Bondingsfrom £240
Veneersfrom £450
Incisors and premolar root treatmentsfrom £420
Molars root treatmentfrom £490
Molar re-root treatmentfrom £690
New patient consultation£190
Fixed metal bracesfrom £3450
Fixed ceramic bracesfrom £3950
Lingual bracesfrom £6950
Invisalign bracesfrom £3450
Sure smile£785
Removable bracesfrom £1500
Orthodontics for jaw surgeryfrom £7450
Jaw surgeryfrom £7000
Bonded (fixed) retainers per arch£700
Removable Retainers each£700
Sports mouth guardsfrom £400

Facial and Medical Aesthetic Fees

Dermal filler | Facial filler£395 per treatment
Dermal Filler + Collagen Stimulating injections £390 per treatment
Lip filler £175 per treatment
Lip filler + Collage stimulating injections for lip£390 per treatment
BOTOX one area£195
BOTOX two areas£265
BOTOX three areas £370
Excessive Sweating (hyperhidrosis) £ 390

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